Is Your Business In Its Winter Phase?

Business in its winter phase– Erika Hovland

With frigid temperatures hovering at – or below -freezing for most of us, we’re hunkering down but still feeling the cold. And it reminds me of the seasonality of business and an important lesson:

In winter, the energy is below the surface.

If you’re noticing that leads have gone cold or you don’t see growth, your business may be in its ‘winter’ phase.  This can be a remarkable opportunity to prepare for the future.

(1) Plot your strategy. When business is quieter, you have time to think, plan and prepare.

(2) Plant seeds. Remember all of those ideas that have been circulating in the back of your mind? Pick one or two and put them into action.

(3) Give things some time to grow. Resist the temptation to force something to happen. Continue to be proactive, of course, but you might be surprised how many leads turn into opportunities down the line.

If we were literally watching the ground over the next few weeks, we would be able to see  how the earth transforms. Tulip, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs are getting ready to force themselves through the frozen dirt. It might look barren and cold today, but changes are happening underneath.

With discipline, patience and continued action,  your business will start sending up little shoots of growth.


Is Your Business In Its Winter Phase?