Simple Tips: Be consistent in marketing your business

By  Erika Hovland

Be consistent.

As a member of the general public, you are bombarded with marketing messages all day long. A prospective customer needs to hear the same message an average of 8 times before he or she remembers it. And when people hears two, three or four different messages from a company, they will get confused.

What should you do?

1. Make sure your packaging, website, social media sites and marketing collateral all look, feel and sound the same way. Use the same logo, colors, and photos or icons consistently.

2: Make sure you have consistent promotional messages – say the same thing(s) on your packaging, website, social media sites and in promotional materials.

3. Cut down the number of “benefits” you are highlighting to 3 or fewer.  If you convey that your product has six competitive advantages, you overwhelm your prospective customer, lose their attention and start to lose credibility. Ask a few of your customers what really makes your product stand out, and make the hard choice to communicate simply and consistently.

How can IOLITE Global help?

To better organize your marketing efforts and create brand consistency, we will likely suggest you create a brand book, which becomes a reference guide to how your brand will be portrayed in the marketplace.  It can be used by your team, your agency partners, and anyone creating tactics on your behalf.

The book isn’t just a ‘book’, however.  It’s the result of an in-depth, engaging interview process that uses fun questions and a creative yet disciplined approach to uncover your brand. We work collaboratively to develop a unique story and positioning for your brand. By positioning, we are seeking to establish a memorable brand in the mind of your customer. We make sure your company messages are different than the competition, and that they represent your brand in an authentic, compelling and clear way.

We will also work with you to develop brand communication pillars (this is a fancy way of saying that you will have a maximum of 3 things your brand will stand for and communicate about) and a plan-of-action that often shows up in a tangible way as an editorial calendar. This also becomes a handy reference tool on those Monday mornings when you think “uh-oh, what shall I tweet about?”

Simple Tips: Be consistent in marketing your business