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You want to accelerate your growth. We quickly identify market opportunities, develop strategic objectives, mobilize your team and drive increased market share. We are strategic innovators that optimize opportunities - whether it is a launch, re-branding, responding to a competitive threat or uncovering new ways to grow your business.


Meet IOLITE Global
Simply put, our work at IOLITE (eye-o-light) Global is about helping businesses grow. We provide strategic marketing and commercial leadership consulting services. Together, we'll develop and strengthen the commercial capabilities of your business and ensure your customer-facing activities are focused, efficient and powerful.
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Facing a strategic business problem? Seeking advice on how to enter a new market or grow sales?

IOLITEGrowthEngineers_logoWe have a special division focused on growth: IOLITE Growth Consulting.We’ve honed our skills working across multiple industries, countries and a variety of businesses – from start-up to Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we offer you refined, proven solutions made simple, using our proprietary approach of Gears to GrowSM.

Our clients have experienced growth rates of > 275% after implementing our advice.
To begin, we conduct an assessment of your business and activities to offer simple, straightforward advice that will help you grow.  The solution is in front of you.

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icon_vikingWhat is iolite?

IOLITE Global is named for the multifaceted gemstone, iolite (eye-o-light) which legend describes as guiding Norwegian sailors across the seas to new lands.  With its unique ability to change color, it is only when the stone is expertly cut that it reveals its true brilliance.

Our mission is to reveal the brilliance of your company, by uncovering its strengths, focusing the value proposition and driving growth. Our work gets you Geared to GrowSM.

What People are Saying

“…great knowledge of new social trends and technologies, as well as a great vision for the success of a business…” –G.M.

“…epitomize what a collaboration between sales and marketing should look like…” –J.H.

“…demonstrated versatility and expertise in marketing and business development… understands my vision and collaborates with me to translate and connect it to tangible ideas, products and services…” –J.A.


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‘A boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of a boat’

– Paolo Coehlo, Author of The Alchemist